I’m determined to show you that caring for your health (yes, wellbeing healthcare) is truly in your grasp and should not be expensive. And it is not just for Christmas!  

I’ve put together a gifting list for you – in the true spirit of giving.  

Dana in Buddhism means ‘to give’. Because by giving something that is meaningful to us, we are showing the truest form of care and generosity. We also then open ourselves up to receiving thanks too – don’t forget that bit of the exchange. So what is most valuable to you? My biggest asset is my time. The time I have for family and friends, the knowledge that I have as a doctor, these are mine. What are yours?   

So here we have it. A wellbeing healthcare gift list that is by no means exhaustive, but allows for both giving and receiving. A flow of currency or energy. I’ve used the 6 pillars of Human Health to group these ideas for you. I have tried to include some local businesses where I can, and if you have more ideas then do let me know. Many of these are things that are free or shouldn’t make you feel sick at the thought of getting your credit card bill in January!    


Wellbeing Healthcare Gift List 


It’s important to be more mindful of what we eat if we want to live a healthy long life. It contributes in so many ways. Having a well-balanced diet not only gives you the energy you need to stay alert and active but are also packed with important nutrients our bodies need for growth and repairs.

  1. A Mindful Chef subscription to save time on healthy, minimal-waste meals 
  2. Give some Vitamin C, Vitamin D, or Microbiome supplements as a present to help with health in 2023. You can also get 20% off at Zooki by using the code MAYONI20 at checkout.
  3. The Wholesome World food cookbook for great ideas for healthy meals.
  4. The Wholesome World app if they prefer to do things digitally.
  5. Buy a consultation with our functional health specialist Kaley, who is a registered nutrition coach.
  6. Book a free discovery call with Kaley or Dr. Mayoni to help start 2023 in a healthy and positive frame of mind.
  7. Free access to Miso making class by Yuki that will soon turn you into an expert!
  8. Healthy mushroom coffee acts as an antioxidant. Reishi mushroom helps reduce inflammation and promotes calm and relaxation. Perfect for wellbeing healthcare.  


Detoxify your Life 

Kitchen & Home  

Our Place

Has great non-toxic cookware for sale. It is pricier than you might usually consider, but you know that these are pieces for life that won’t leach toxins into your food as they age.

More Ideas:

  1. Berkey water filter to purify those important rehydration breaks.
  2. Glass food containers reduce the toxins that can seep into the items on your shelves.
  3. Wax food wraps are the perfect solution for carrying your lunch to work in a non-toxic manner. They are reusable and eco-friendly too.
  4. Metal water bottle that you can carry around, wash, refill and ensure that you stay healthy on the go.
  5. Grounding mats get 15% off all grounding products that harness the Earth’s energy as you sleep.
  6. Light blocker glasses. Blu Box has 15% off items that will improve sleep, wellbeing, and recovery, allowing you to start the next day more relaxed and ready to go.


Body Detox  

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage improves the function of your lymphatic system and calms you whilst clearing your head.  


Sauna treatment

Is the perfect opportunity to destress and center yourself again. Herbal tinctures and teas are made to order at Human Health. These can help with a range of ailments and are perfectly blended to provide positive effects.


Other Detox

Complaining detox for 21 days

Make a mental note to not complain about anything verbally (and eventually mentally) for 21 days. You will be amazed by the positive effect on your wellbeing.

Gift Hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Quit smoking with help from the lovely Diana Powley. She is currently offering 20% off the first treatment if you book before the end of December 2022. You could transform someone’s 2023.

Reduce Clutter

Space and get organised by using Chloe Jessamy’s services Clutter CutDown. She will help you create a beautiful space that allows you to relax and feel at one with the world.


Stress Reduction  

Gratitude Journal

Purchase a gratitude journal or just get them a notebook and print or write out the template I’ve created for you. Print this PDF and repeat (believe me, I did this for 6 months this year when things were pretty shit and I still have them to look at – it all works!).



More Ideas:

  1. Plantmeup.london have some lovely and unusual plants. They can also drop ship if you are local in South East London. Simply quote HumanHealth15 to get 15% off your first order and check the website out for events and online shopping.  
  2. Try the Mindfulness app for free and experience a revolution in wellbeing healthcare.  
  3. A massage course is perfect for working those stresses out of the body. 
  4. Skin facials are an ideal time to enjoy the relaxation of being pampered. 
  5. 3 Free Dermalux treatments from Dr. Mayoni and the team to make your loved one feel great.
  6. Sign up with Borrow my Doggy and walk someone’s dog if you can’t have your own. The mental health benefits of companionship and light exercise are so important.   
  7. Nature walks are free and you can find a new route near you with Go Jauntly! It provides multiple free local routes for you to enjoy.  

Be in The Service of Others  

Gift a donation to a charity on behalf of someone that you love

Choose your own (many have great downloadable receipts that you can give or email to them on Christmas day too). Don’t forget our brilliant charity Their Future Today who works tirelessly to help children and families in orphanages in Sri Lanka to have a better and brighter future.   

More Ideas:

  1. Give your time. Pop into someone you know who has no family nearby. Offer to do their shopping, walk their dog or do anything that would help them out.   
  2. Sign up to visit an elderly or isolated person who just needs a bit of companionship – as much or as little as you can do!   



We now know how important sleep is to wellbeing and healthcare, hence why it is one of our pillars. Anything that promotes your sleep is magical but health-giving too. There is more information about sleep on our website where you can download and rent our webinar on sleep from January 2022 to find out more!   

Sleep gifts include: 

  1. Eye masks to aid in better sleep. 
  2. Pillow sleep oil to help them drift off more easily. 
  3. Get £50 off an Oura ring – one of the best wearables on the market to help you monitor your sleep.
  4. Epsom salts to put in the bath before bedtime.
  5. Ease snoring with this device – it could revolutionise sleep time.
  6. Ease hot flushes with MenoVie supplements which you can purchase at the clinic – email reception@drmhumanhealth.co.uk for more details.
  7. Some reading to help you understand the 7 kinds of rest we need and why.  


Joyful Movement

Book A Free Taster with our women’s health physio

Siri Andersen is a Level 3 Personal Trainer who specialises in women’s health – with a particular focus on resistance training for pre/postnatal and peri/postmenopause clients.

Fit Birds

Buy a class and gift one free. All you need to do is quote HUMANHEALTH to enjoy these sessions together. 



Relationship with your career

The magnificent Susie Edwards (careers coach and happiness guru), who helped me navigate my career change away from being an NHS surgeon, is offering an incredible 3 FREE 1-hour online workshop on Taking Control of Your Career. The dates are 18th Jan, 9th Feb, and 8th March 2023, 1-2 pm. She will cover how to be time smart, imposter syndrome, and assertiveness. Please email her for more details wonderif.hello@gmail.com and for a copy of her free workbook “Take Control of Your Career”.  

Relationship with money

Listen to this meditation from the incredible Kate McCavana aka ‘The Wealth Doctor’. Kate is a serious godsend for the money mindset basically. She has had years in the financial sector when she realised how powerful the mindset conversation was and how much energy we give away to the worry around money. She has helped me and countless others to move towards better financial health. This meditation is designed to get you facing the right way for your relationship with money for 2023.  




More Ideas:

  1. Contact us at reception@drmhumanhealth.co.uk for a complimentary taster conversation with Danielle McKenna, our life coach.  
  2. Gift of time or a love bomb – write out on a nice postcard with a little note gifting an hour/morning/day/weekend of your time to a loved one. No distractions, phones, or other appointments – just 1:1 time!
  3. Gift your own digital detox to a loved one: write out on a nice postcard your intention to stop (or cut back on) using all devices or social media for Christmas.
  4. Commit to an hour of talking to your partner without phones, TV, or gaming every day.
  5. Contact friends, you haven’t heard from for the last year – even a random text to say hi!
  6. Relationship with yourself – catch your negative thoughts about yourself. Slow down. Stop and catch your breath.
  7. Partner – commit to one date night a month. This doesn’t have to be in a restaurant – it could simply be at home with the TV off and at the table together with no screens!   

So can I take this opportunity to thank all of you for being such amazing humans that we love looking after here at the clinic. Here’s to our wellbeing healthcare in 2023! 

From all of the team – we hope you give and receive the best gift this year which is love!   

Much love  

Mayoni x  


Don’t forget to grab your FREE download – Gratitude: The Gateway drug to abundant wealth and health.