If you are suffering with an illness, you may have received treatment for its symptoms, but have you addressed the causes? Even better, have you considered preventive medicine to limit the chances of you developing a serious medical condition and to maintain a healthy mind and body? At Human Health by The Clinic, we offer functional medicine London, alongside curative medicine to promote fitness and wellbeing. We understand that it can be difficult to prioritise your health with a busy lifestyle that puts excessive demands on your time and energy, but we are here to help you strike the right balance that is good for the mind and the body.

What we offer

We have a range of functional medicine London treatment packages, ranging from weight management and mental wellness to Human Health Formula. These target different aspects of your wellbeing; whether you need to keep an eye on your blood pressure and take steps to prevent it becoming too high or need help lowering it, or you need help losing weight or stopping smoking, we can provide a range of tests, exercises and advice to help with whatever you need. We may also support you with physiotherapy or educational materials; we do what is necessary for your specific needs using functional medicine London.

Where we start

The first step in joining us at Human Health by The Clinic is to have a consultation, where Dr Mayoni will get to know you and your medical history. She prides herself in getting to know all about you as a whole person, because your health and wellbeing relies on every part of you – not just what can be gleaned from biology! If Dr Mayoni requires blood tests, you may have these and require an additional consultation to discuss the results and for her to explain the treatment plan that she has assessed is best for you.

What next?

Once you have your treatment plan, you will be mentored, monitored and helped throughout your treatment. You may need to attend clinics that we have partnered with to provide the specialist support that you need. Once you have completed and achieved your goals, we can then arrange a maintenance programme to monitor your progress and to ensure that the gains you have made in your specific treatment areas for the mind and body are kept. If we see that you may be starting to drift back to old habits, for example with smoking, we can then arrange additional support and intervention as required.

It’s all for you

While you may think that it is indulgent to invest in your health and wellbeing, it is important to note that you are worth the care and attention that you will receive from us. We believe that preventing serious medical complications is well worth the investment as it could add years to your life. We also recognise that it can be hard to prioritise yourself and sometimes it takes other people to make sure that you do. To find out more about how we can help, simply call us for a consultation with Dr Mayoni that could get to the root of your problems and revolutionise how you take care of yourself.