All of our efforts at Human Health by The Clinic are geared to helping patients regain control of their health so that they can live their best lives. Towards this aim, we are proud to incorporate functional medicine London into our service menu.

Patients may not be aware at first of how their lifestyle choices or reactive response to life situations are counterproductive to maintaining a healthy body. And living in the modern age certainly does not help matters.

Far more people in this day and age live sedentary lives, chained to desks and computer screens for inordinate amounts of time during the day or night or choosing to unwind plopped on the sofa in front of another screen, grabbing fast food on the go because there is no time for preparing wholesome meals, and then there is poor quality sleep as shutting down an overly-taxed brain becomes near nigh impossible.

All in all, not enough physical activity, poor nutrition, lack of quality sleep, stress and vulnerability to environmental stressors have all created huge stumbling blocks to supporting health. The consequences are hard to escape and patients soon find themselves facing chronic conditions like cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure complications as well as mental ill-health issues like depression.

The good news for patients suffering from many of these conditions lies in functional medicine London. Through functional medicine London, patients can take appropriate proactive action to minimise complications and thwart conditions from progressing further. We take a look at the different faces of functional medicine available at our clinic.

Make a change for the better with lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a health-first approach to tackling ill health through the application of various evidence-based techniques including environmental, behavioural and medical concepts. This medical approach is designed for success, offering patients a reduced risk of developing chronic complexities, as well as rehabilitating patients already diagnosed with life-reducing illnesses.

Lifestyle medicine is the effective blending of methods utilised in general medical practice and specific remedial techniques that incorporate self-care and self-management into the treatment of lifestyle-created health problems.

There are six key cornerstones to lifestyle medicine: physical activity and exercise, diet and nutrition, reducing stress and increasing mental wellbeing, quality sleep and rest, reduction or avoidance of the consumption of harmful substances such as tobacco use and alcohol, and lastly, positive healthy social relationships.

The interplay of these essential pillars of good health aims to empower patients to improve their current health status. What we set out to do through functional medicine is to get patients to challenge their current beliefs about health and envision what it is to be healthy and the myriad benefits to be gained from it.

Our goal is to make functional medicine available to all. It is only through long-term health that patients can sustain high-energy levels, reduce the risk of developing a disease, enjoy positive self-worth and experience increased joy and happiness.

To help patients find their way to optimal health, we have available qualified professionals in each of the various areas from exercise to nutrition to stress reduction, offering guidance and support.

To find out more about how functional medicine can help you attain better health, give us a call at Human Health by The Clinic and let us schedule a consultation for you.