I am now two weeks into the Bodyfit programme that I created because, quite frankly, I was tired of feeling so tired. Also, I created this plan and I wouldn’t ask you to trust me when I tell you something that I haven’t done myself, so it only seemed right to dive in.


Why I Took Part in the Bodyfit Programme

Covid had truly zapped my mojo, thrown my hormones off kilter, made my hair and nails thin, and led to weight gain. I’d like to point out I haven’t (knowingly) had Covid yet, but I’ve certainly felt the stress and strains that all of us have in this uncertain time.

When I talk with each of you, my wonderful patients, I always remind you how much we are all juggling. Mum, wife, employee, financial provider, emotional support, practical carer for parents and family. Stress levels, like petrol prices, are now set at an all time high for all of us.

Oh yes – cortisol has become our friend and bed fellow. That bully and faux friend. Always there to ‘prop’ you up with that bottle of wine and takeaway meal. Two years has taken its toll – and in reality it’s slowly eroding all those incredible cellular processes that you have going on that are designed to heal, metabolise and regenerate.

Our body possesses the skills to do it all. It’s got the most incredible self-controlling mechanisms that we know. Better than anything we can create and far superior to most medication we can make to cure the illnesses we very often create for ourselves.

So I created Bodyfit Metabolic and Hormone Reset for us to do exactly what it says on the tin and help harness that power.


Bodyfit Programme Update

So here we are – I’m 2 weeks into my own programme. Honest feedback?

Well it was so, so tough getting started. To press the button and grant myself this promise of health.


Well I think there’s a lot of mindset work that needs to happen. I haven’t always prioritised my health during my life and my default setting is to always make sure everyone else is okay first. So to actually say to myself “hey I have to make an effort to do my own meals and plan and prep” has really been the hardest bit.

Also planning when to do it. Easter holiday, big work events, girlie weekend away. There is basically never a ‘perfect’ time. In fact there is rarely a ‘good’ time to start looking after yourself. It’s basically right here right now. Every time.

I’ve already talked about some of the prep work I’ve done over the last year to get me ready, like swapping alcoholic drinks in the evening for some fab sparkling non-alcoholic ones. I’ve also recently been drinking non-alcoholic beers, but my weight has piled on as a result. So, there have maybe been more optimal times to step into my programme. But I would say “just do it”.

Right now is the ‘best’ time.


Bodyfit Meals

Now I’m on it, there’s no stopping me. The holiday has actually really given me the space to focus and make my lunch, which is usually a delicious chicken salad. And yes it’s real food and yes my kids are watching me eat it and not their ham and cheese sandwiches, and yes they are asking me why I’m not eating the same as them. But when I explain the reasons that I’m cutting out the sugar and super refined carbs, guess what? They want my salad and fruit to accompany their lunch. And my heart swells to know that I’m influencing their health in a positive way. My husband too has upped his fruit intake.

And I know kids tend not to do what you say, but they do watch and follow what you do. So, armed with this knowledge, as well as the fact I’m not doing some weird ‘diet’, calorie restriction has proved so powerful for me that it keeps me going. And, yes there is no denying the inevitable weight loss is super motivating too. But it’s now a by-product of my behaviour change rather than the reason for my tweaks.

I’ve also been on a life-long journey, like most women I know, of yo-yo dieting, restricted calories and the like, so taking this element out of the equation for me is amazing and liberating.

I’m also blown away by how switched on my brain feels. After years of brain fog that I’ve been medicating with pregnenolone (through my own BHRT doctor), I’m finally feeling as clear and light as ever.


Want More Information?

I’m going to keep journaling here to provide you with some regular updates. I want to stay accountable to you. We are also launching this revised and improved Bodyfit programme very soon – so please stay tuned and message us if you’re interested send an email over to donna@drmhumanhealth.co.uk.