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Patient Terms and Conditions

Human Health Patient Terms and Conditions

Section 1. Definitions

Human Health: Human Health is a trading style of Dr Mayoni Ltd, registered company number 10332053, with registered office at 43 Honor Oak Park, Honor Oak, London SE23 1DZ.

Patient: a person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment.

Appointment: a scheduled day and time for an individual to be evaluated or treated by a physician or other licensed health professional.

Condition: any one or more of these Terms and Conditions.

Fee: the fee charged for an appointment

Health Profession: any one of the professions of:

  1. medical practitioner.
  2. a professional registered under the Health Professions Order 2001.
  3. a nurse.

Health Professional: a person who:

  1. practises a Health Profession.
  2. is enrolled or registered on the appropriate statutory register in relation to such practice.

Location: the location of an appointment.

Professional Service: a service that is to be performed by a Health Professional in relation to the Patient that is within a Health Profession, the primary purpose of which is the protection, maintenance, or restoration of the Patient’s health.

Professional Service Contract: in relation to one or more appointments, a contract between the Health Professional and the Patient for the provision, by the Health Professional to the Patient, of the one or more Professional Services in accordance with section 3.

Register: the register of patients (including the Patient) maintained by Human Health and containing exclusively non-clinical information relating to them.

Support Service:-

  1. the reception of the Patient;
  2. the care or medical or surgical treatment of the Patient; or
  3. any other service incidental to 1),

and, in connection therewith, the supply of any goods.

Support Service Contract: in relation to one or more appointments, a contract between Human Health and the Patient for the provision, by Human Health to the Patient, of a Support Service in accordance with the condition in Section 4;

Time: the date and time of an Appointment.


Section 2. Contracts and Fees

This document incorporates the following two or more separate contracts:

  1. one or more Professional Services Contracts; and
  2. a Support Service Contract.

2.2  The one or more Professional Service Contracts and the Support Service Contract are formed:

  1. if the Patient has previously signed an acceptance of the Conditions, upon the Appointment being arranged; or
  2. if the Patient has not previously signed an acceptance of the Conditions, upon the Patient attending the Appointment.

2.3 The Fee covers both:

  1. the fee payable to the Health Professional for the Professional Services under the one or more Professional Services Contracts referred to in Condition 1, 1); and
  2. the fee payable to Human Health for the Support Service under the Support Service Contract referred to in Condition 1, 2).

2.4 Human Health is the agent of the Health Professional for the purposes of entering into and administering Professional Service Contracts.

2.5 The apportionment of the Fee, between Human Health and the Health Professional, is made according to an agreement between them, but such apportionment will be disclosed to the Patient on request.

Section 3. Professional Service Contract

In consideration of the Fee (apportioned in accordance with Condition 2.5), the Health Professional shall provide to the Patient the one or more Professional Services, at the Time and at the Location, subject to the Conditions.

Section 4. Support Service Contract

In consideration of the Fee (apportioned in accordance with Condition 2.5), Human Health shall provide to the Patient such Support Service as:

  1. support the Health Professional in the provision of; and
  2. are otherwise reasonably necessary to enable the Health Professional to provide, the one or more Professional Services under the Professional Service Contract, subject to the Conditions.

Section 5. Registration

5.1 The Patient shall, at or prior to the first Appointment:

  1. apply for inclusion on the Register;
  2. provide the requisite information to enable such registration to be completed and maintained; and
  3. sign a registration form containing such application and information.

5.2 Human Health shall (if not having already done so) receive and (subject to the Patient providing such information) complete the Patient’s application under Condition 1.

5.3 Human Health shall:

  1. maintain the Register and the Patient’s inclusion thereon; and
  2. do so in accordance with Condition 8.

5.4 Being included on the Register does not preclude the Patient from also being registered with any general medical practice under the National Health Service.

Section 6. Appointments

6.1 Subject to Conditions 2, 6.3 and 6.4, an Appointment shall take place as nearly as possible at the Time.

6.2 If the Patient’s arrival for an Appointment is delayed, the Health Professional or Human Health shall, if possible, keep the Appointment but, if not possible, may treat such delay as a cancellation under Condition 3.

6.3 The Patient may cancel or rearrange an Appointment by giving Human Health not less than one business days’ notice, in the absence of which the Fee, in relation to that Appointment, is payable in full (but may be waived, in whole or in part, at the discretion of Human Health).

6.4 The Health Professional or Human Health may not cancel, rearrange, or delay an Appointment except because of circumstances beyond their control, in which case they shall give the Patient as much notice as possible and shall offer a rearranged Appointment to take place as soon as possible.

Section 7. Payment Terms 

7.1 The Fee, in relation to an Appointment is payable before or immediately after that Appointment.

7.2 Payment of the Fee may be tendered in cash, by credit or debit card, regular subscription (e.g., Direct Debit, Standing Order, Go Cardless), or by bank transfer.

7.3 Any part of a Fee, paid after the time specified in Condition 1, is subject to interest at the rate of 2.5% per month.

7.4 Conditions 1, 7.2, and 7.3 do not apply if, and to the extent that, any part of the Fee is recoverable under a policy of insurance and payable, by the insurer thereunder, direct to Human Health under arrangements between such insurer and Human Health.

Section 8. Confidentiality and Data Protection

8.1 In maintaining the Register and performing the Support Service Contract, Human Health shall comply in all respects with:

  1. patient confidentiality; and
  2. the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

8.2 The Health Professional and Human Health may not disclose information about the Patient unless and to the extent that the Patient consents to such disclosure, either:

  1. expressly;
  2. or by implication;

or such disclosure is:

  1. required by law; or
  2. justified in the public interest.

8.3 Consent to disclosure by implication, under Condition 8.2 2), is to the extent only that such disclosure:

  1. is in the interest of the Patient’s care; and
  2. the Patient has been informed of it in writing and has not objected to it.

Section9. Rights and Obligations

9.1 Human Health is not liable to the Patient in relation to any breach or non-observance, on the part of the Health Professional, of:

  1. obligations under the Professional Service Contract;
  2. any other obligation arising under statute, common law, or equity.

9.2 Subject to Condition 1, the Patient’s rights, under statute, common law, equity, and medical professional ethics are unaffected by the Professional Service Contract or the Support Service Contract.

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