Samantha Fielder, Human Health Physiotherapist, on the physical effects of lockdown Human Health

Samantha Fielder is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist specialising in the treatment of spinal pain, upper and lower limb conditions, and sporting injuries. Here she talks about the effect the lockdowns have had on her clients – and her work.

Video consultations are wonderful – but some face-to-face sessions are still essential

Lockdown has brought a new way of working in healthcare, especially in physiotherapy which is traditionally associated with face-to-face assessment and treatment. My experience of assessing and treating patients via video consultation during lockdown has been really positive and has shown me that self-directed treatment and exercise can be effective in treating many conditions. There are however certain presentations that require specific hands-on assessment and treatment and in these cases face-to-face sessions remain essential.

Working from home can cause problems

Over the last year I have noticed an increase in people presenting with neck, back and work-related arm pain. This is probably unsurprising with the significant increase in people working from home in less-than-ideal set ups. In the majority of cases improving the set up at home and putting strategies in place to reduce the amount of time sitting can resolve the issues. Simple things like using a font size that prevents you leaning in towards the screen and using a separate keyboard so that you can elevate your laptop to eye level can be useful. Try to break up long periods of sitting by working standing up by placing your laptop/keyboard on an ironing board or by combining a meeting on your phone with a walk round the block.

Exercise without guidance can lead to injury

I have also noticed an increase in exercise related injuries where people have taken up a new type of exercise or where lockdown restrictions have meant people are doing only one type of exercise more often. In these cases, identifying and treating contributing lower limb biomechanics and modifying aspects of training can lead to resolution of the problem.

Find out how Samantha can help

If you are continuing to struggle with an injury or persistent pain, Samantha is very much here via video link and in person to help get you back on track. Just book in for an online consultation and find out how Samantha can help.