One of the areas of life, especially in the modern age, that can leave one feeling out of control and powerless is one’s health. Daily struggles can become overwhelming, leaving one unable to make proactive health-affirming choices.

For a patient struggling to manage a chronic medical condition like hypertension or diabetes or for one who wants to reduce the likelihood of developing such illnesses, functional medicine London can play an all-important role.

Our functional medicine London packages available at Human Health by The Clinic look to offer much-needed advice, guidance and support to empower a patient’s health journey. It has become increasingly apparent that patients more often than not need help with finding ways to sleep better, eat more nutritiously, manage stress better, get more active or enjoy more fulfilling relationships. Success in all of these areas provides the platform to enjoy improved health and an enhanced quality of life.

How does functional medicine London promote change for the better?

Functional medicine is an approach to improving health that comprises the powerful interplay of medical applications, behavioural as well as environmental, and motivational principles.

This unique systematic approach has shown positive results in helping patients not only reduce the likelihood of developing certain lifestyle-related medical conditions, but also in rehabilitating patients already suffering from them.

Part of the success of this approach is that patients are challenged to reset the beliefs of their own role in fostering good health. Overall health and wellbeing rest on a few key foundations; all of which are impacted by one’s lifestyle.

These key influencers include physical activity/exercise, diet and nutrition, mental wellbeing and effective stress management, quality sleep and rest, satisfactory social relationships and the eschewing of harmful substances (tobacco and alcohol consumption).

Challenges experienced in any of these key areas increase the possibility of a patient facing a health issue, be it a physical health problem or mental health difficulty.

We target rehabilitation from chronic medical conditions or decreasing the likelihood of developing one through the availability of various functional medicine treatment packages.

Types of human health treatment packages

What do our functional medicine treatments support?

  • Weight management

Our weight management plan does not consist of any particular diet, but rather tackles weight loss/gain goals in a responsible way. A patient is paired with a dedicated weight management coach and personal trainer – professionals with the required knowledge and experience to achieve weight management without risking physical or mental health.

  • Stress management and long-term fatigue

Another threat to optimal health is exposure to persistent fatigue and poor stress control. We have a stress management professional with expertise in coming up with a strategic plan to boost the patient’s energy levels, as well as offer efficacious techniques to lower stress levels.

  • Success at life goals

Sometimes patients struggle with maintaining motivation to achieve their goals. In this regard, an experienced life coach can prove particularly useful. Success in achieving goals can be incredibly life-affirming with positive spin-offs for health.

To benefit from functional health or for more information on any of our treatment packages, please contact us at Human Health by The Clinic.