It is quite understandable that, because of the nature of modern lifestyles, many patients feel out of control when it comes to their health. Stress, inactive lifestyles, poor diets and inadequate quality sleep will, in time, take their toll, exposing the physical body and mind to all sorts of chronic maladies and undesirable complications.

But for patients feeling the effects of this feeling of powerlessness, all is not lost. We believe that, through functional medicine London available at Human Health by The Clinic, patients can be empowered to take back control of their health.

Functional medicine London is a uniquely-designed approach to reducing the repercussions of chronic diseases through patient rehabilitation using a variety of lifestyle techniques together with general medicine practices.

We can help patients attain and maintain improved health by devising a customised health improvement plan that aims to support the management of life-reducing chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular ill-health. Often the management of these conditions requires in addition to medical interventions, the support of proactive lifestyle choices. And it is in this supportive role that functional medicine London plays an indispensable role.

The pillars of functional medicine

The journey to better health begins by taking care of the fundamentals of healthy living: looking after one’s diet, staying active, reducing stress levels, sleeping well, avoiding harmful lifestyle choices and maintaining healthy relationships. Get these pillars of healthy living in balance and patients will invariably see better management of their chronic conditions and overall improved quality of life.

At our clinic, we offer a range of human health packages that support patients’ goals in the various pro-health lifestyle areas.

Weight management

The BodyFit packages target weight management in a responsible way. Our weight management packages offer the support and supervision of a weight management coach and personal trainer in addition to any other weight-loss intervention method deemed appropriate. Part of the success of this human health package is that a patient gets to the bottom of their weight gain/loss issues and appropriate strategies are devised by suitably qualified professionals.

Stress management

More and more people are beginning to realise that they need professional support to win the battle against rising stress levels. Chronic tiredness and feeling overwhelmed, over time, can lead to patients developing chronic medical conditions and so stress management has become key to maintaining an illness-free healthy body. Our stress management professional can help identify the triggers of overwhelming stress and chronic fatigue and design a personalised programme to gain more energy and lower stress.

Achieve your life goals

Many people fail at their life goals not having the necessary support and guidance of a dedicated life coach. Failure to succeed at life goals can easily add to stress and mental illness. The services of a life coach can help protect or improve mental wellbeing.

Our functional medicine options at Human Health by The Clinic are specifically targeted to help patients live their lives to their fullest potential. Our patient’s health journey begins with a discovery call consultation followed by a 60-minute consultation, a second consultation and then treatment, coaching and monitoring and the final stage is maintenance featuring periodic monitoring and assessments for long-term health. Contact our reception desk for more information or to book a consultation.