On 19th and 20th October 2023 the world of aesthetics and health + longevity collided in the form of the Medical Longevity Summit at the Excel centre.

It began for me when I first stepped into the aesthetics space out of the NHS and knew that every woman I had a consultation with had a whole story behind her that prompted her to come to seek help. And it was rarely just the frown lines or saggy skin that she actually wanted help with.

My journey into helping women to remember how utterly fantastic they are, began many years ago when I was doing my research looking at pelvic floor dysfunction. It opened my eyes to the unknown suffering of women who had often delivered a baby vaginally and then years later, suffered the consequences resulting in faecal incontinence, constipation or prolapse (and worse).

One woman very clearly told me she wished she had cancer. Because then she could tell people about it and it would kill her if she couldn’t be cured. Her current life was untenable. Her story has stuck with me and I will never forget that feeling of vowing to make a difference to women like her.

My approach to women in my SkinFit clinic has always been holistic, and I quickly created the brands BodyFit and MindFit as this developed. When COVID happened, I evolved these into Human Health and tried to deliver something to everyone from a cell-up approach.

It became really obvious to me that the women who come to an aesthetics clinic are often educated, financially independent and health-motivated enough to start engaging with my services. We now run women’s health workshops and group programmes (in the corporate sector too!) to help women thrive.

A year ago I was asked by Shannon Kilgarff and Courtney B to curate the Medical Longevity Summit. Which would sit alongside CCR – one of the industry’s biggest educational events. And to be honest over 6000 people attended the whole CCR event and we had a full house with every agenda

I decided to use day 1 as an opportunity to set the scene (explore some of the disease processes responsible for ageing) and then day 2 allowed us to explore solutions.

And when people asked me how I did it and asked me if I was exhausted – I honestly wasn’t. I felt totally alive. It’s a testament to the really important parts that cause a vision to become reality:

Do the work + create your intention – and then give it over to the universe/ higher power/ God/ greater consciousness/ quantum science. Many many times before, I’ve set the intention or done the work but not surrendered it over. That tension created is critical to the creation of a vision.

People came together who shared my vision. And my vision is to change the way health is delivered in the UK. And beyond. I’ve seen and worked in a broken system. And extracted myself. And now it’s time to change how things are done. The system is not fit for purpose so let’s change the system!

And why start with aesthetics? Because you are amazing independent-thinking healthcare professionals. You are beautifully positioned to alter your patient’s health trajectory forever. In fact, you have a duty of care, I believe to change their understanding of their health.

And MSL was set up to whet your appetite and show you that another way was possible. Stay tuned for the next developments.

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