At Human Health by The Clinic, we combine general practice medicine with preventive treatments to ensure that our patients take a proactive approach to their health and wellbeing. Through the use of functional medicine London, we aim to identify the root causes of illnesses to ensure that you recover as much as possible and don’t just address the overarching result of what has actually been caused by something else. For example, if you have had a heart attack, there could be a number of reasons for this. You may be a smoker, eat too much fat and cholesterol in your diet, and you may be stressed. By addressing these issues, this will help to make you healthier and reduce the chance of you developing further problems. If you haven’t had a heart attack, then you will certainly be reducing the chances of you having one by working on these different elements of your lifestyle.

What we do

Our functional medicine London approach is led by Dr Mayoni. By booking in for a consultation with her, Dr Mayoni will be able to get your medical history and get to know you as a person as well. Finding out about your lifestyle will be a major part of determining what the treatment plan will be to help you get on top of your health in a proactive way, rather than reacting to issues that occur. Dr Mayoni may need you to have some blood tests done and will review them with you in a second consultation. During this time, she will then be able to discuss a treatment plan with you that focuses on one or more areas including care packages such as weight management, mental wellness, and ‘Human Health Formula’ for those with chronic illness. The consultation sessions are an hour each and can be run from the comfort of your living room using online video, so you can access care from wherever you live! We also have a couple of clinics if you prefer to come and meet us in person.

What happens when I’ve achieved my goals?

If you have reached a goal in your treatment plan such as losing weight, we can then help you to maintain the great results. With timely review appointments and monitoring of your success, it can assist to keep you on track and stop you from slipping back into your old ways, helping to ensure that you reap the benefits of the efforts you have made for years to come.

Anything else that I need to know?

Functional medicine London is appropriate for everyone. No matter who you are and what your goals are, we will be able to assess you and advise on the right treatment plan for you. Getting a health check is so important and something that many people don’t make time for in their busy lives. By putting yourself first for once, you could be adding years on to your life, which is certainly worth the effort and gives you more time to spend with those you love, doing the things you enjoy most. Come and see us at Human Health by The Clinic to find out more.